Our websites are not the best fit for most insurance agencies.

For one thing, we charge a $799 set-up fee. Set-up fees for insurance agency websites vary a lot and you can get a website for NO set-up fee. If you’re comfortable with a fairly cookie-cutter approach, no help with your copy or access to an insurance marketing guy (me) who will guide you through the process, I say go for it.

But if you want help with how to structure your website, how to position your agency, what’s the best way to set up a lead generator for your particular target market, you need copyediting help or you want to focus on providing quality content — for any or all of the above, you might want to consider our websites.

The only way to know is to 1) Look at some of the websites we’ve created for other agencies (look in the sidebar), 2) Consider what you want to accomplish with your website — do you want an online brochure (definitely go for a low cost website) or a website that will help you get new business and generate leads? …and 3) Call me and let’s chat about your needs. I love talking about marketing with agents. And don’t be surprised if I tell you to get a website from my competitors.

Anyway, if we do build you a website (or quite often rebuild your website because it’s outdated) you will find that our customer service surpasses your expectations — especially if you used to have your website with one of the big corporate website companies.


And you can quit our service any time you want. There’s no long-term contract.

Jim Whitaker
1-866-762-7879 ext. 2


Are You Ready to Go Beyond the Cookie-Cutter, Me-Too Look of Other Insurance Agency Websites?

Hi, I’m Jim Whitaker, owner of SmartsPro Marketing.

Before starting my own public relations and marketing communications firm to serve the insurance industry, I had 15 years of experience in the trenches, as an underwriter, insurance broker and marketing executive, working for Aetna, Gallagher and Marsh, among others.

Although this isn’t a one-person operation, I build every website for new clients myself. That means you get the personal attention of someone who understands your business and what you want your website to accomplish. Not a techno-geek who understands code but not marketing, not a designer who can make a good-looking but ineffective website. Just me. A former insurance broker with years of marketing communications experience under his belt.

Sure, sometimes I get a little help from our graphic designers, Mike and Luke. And sometimes I need help on the trickier technical stuff from Steve, our webmaster. But I do most of the work myself because my customers want their website built by an insurance professional. It saves them time and gets them results.

I can build you an insurance agency website that’s got everything the competition offers. But more than that, I’ll help you craft your language, make design choices and guide you with my marketing experience. We start with a template to keep your cost down, but after that, everything is hand-made. By me. With a little help from friends.

Check out some of the websites I’ve built for our insurance clients in the sidebar and read the testimonials. Then pick up the phone and give me a call to discuss your insurance agency website project.

Crystal Martin, Broker
Premier Health Plan Solutions
Corona, Calif.

Before my website looked pieced together and gimmicky.

“I worked with a different website provider before and I really wasn’t well served. My website looked pieced together and gimmicky. It didn’t look as professional as I knew it could be. Plus the webmaster was not always responsive.

Now my website looks professional. And I like the flexibility I have to include a lot of different features on my website, like videos, testimonials, quote engines and all the other ways I can brand myself.

One feature I really love is the newsletters.

As agents we don’t have a lot of time to write our own monthly newsletters, especially if we’re a small agency like mine. So the newsletters are invaluable. That’s one thing that really makes your websites stand out. Plus what I like about the newsletters, as someone who specializes in Medicare, is that you don’t go into product details. You just provide information about how the product works. Because once we start going into details, we have to get approval and they scrutinize everything.

I really appreciate how quickly you guys get back to me, too.

Whenever I have an issue, you get back to me right away, whether by phone or email. That’s important. You recently announced that you won’t take on more than a certain amount of new business at a time, so that you won’t end up underserving your clients. That really impressed me because that means you really want to do quality work.

Would I recommend SmartsPro websites to other agents?

Definitely. I’ve been doing so ever since I got it. I am so impressed with my website that I recently showed it to everyone in a presentation to my monthly agents discussion group. A lot of agents aren’t quite sure what to expect from an agency website, so I’m happy to create awareness about how my website performs for me. They were especially impressed with the fact that the people in your company have a lot of insurance industry experience and that your writers have great journalism credentials, too.


Whether your agency needs a new website or has a website already but wants to upgrade, we’ll create an agency website that is

  • Optimized for search engines (insurance agency SEO) — Read how SmartsPro Websites Are Designed for Top Google Rankings.
  • Built to engage visitors with high quality, regularly updated content, calls to action (whether to sell products, generate leads or build relationships) and well-designed layouts, and
  • Engineered to reflect your professionalism.


What about updating the site after it’s finished? Two things about that. When it’s done, you won’t need any special technical expertise to make changes yourself — or to host your own blog. Our websites are built on the WordPress platform and they are easy to work with. We’ll show you everything you need to know to add new content and make simple changes. But if you have changes you want us to make for you, there is usually no additional cost other than the usual monthly hosting fee. We make any changes taking less than one hour free of charge — honestly, we hardly ever get requests that take us more than one hour to do.

I’m not sure what to say on my website or what to put on it. Can you help me? Helping agents with their sales and promotional material has been our specialty for more than 25 years. We started our business as an advertising and public relations firm specializing in insurance, so we know how to help you make a great impression. Our experienced insurance editors and marketing professionals will edit your copy, make suggestions and put the polish on your insurance prose. This kind of professional help could cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, but it’s included when we build your website.


How can I be sure I’ll like my website? Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.If you’re not completely satisfied with your SmartsPro website, let us know within 60 days and you’ll get a full refund of any and all payments you’ve made, including setup fees. No fine print exceptions.

There’s no risk!

Starting your website is as simple as 1-2-3… Choose from our varied selection of insurance agency website designs, select the product information you’d like your site to display, and press submit! Or give us a call. We can do it over the phone. It’s that easy!

Click Here to Order Your Insurance Website

  • Set-up fee: $799 (Unlimited pages and features.) — Our Competitors charge $1800 and more for the same features.
  • Monthly fee: $79 — includes monthly client newsletters, service requests and hosting. Almost any changes you request to your website are handled without additional charge.
  • No contract or cancellation fee.

After your website is live, we’ll give you easy-to-use tools so you can create your own pages and blog posts. We can handle other changes for you, when HTML or CSS coding is involved, but our websites are built on the WordPress platform, so they’re easy to work on.

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