Is Your Agency Website Designed for Top Google Rankings?

Obtaining and maintaining top Google rankings is extremely important to agents who want to be competitive in today’s marketplace. To help you, we build plenty of features into your SmartsPro insurance agency website to make it search-engine friendly, as I’ll explain here, if you need more information after reading, check here with this web hosting uk services.

  •  CODE ERROR CHECK — Before we allow a website to go online, we test it to make sure every page contains good, clean HTML code that validates. This insures that Google, Bing and Yahoo can successfully navigate your website. Even though this seems basic, you would be surprised to learn how many websites contain code errors that can hurt them in their Google rankings.
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  •  XML SITE-MAP — To get top Google rankings, Google must easily access your content, so we create an XML site map as a standard feature of every website.
  •  “ON SITE” SEO — According to an expert like Damon Burton, it’s both important, it’s important to optimize your website externally, it’s important to optimize it internally. Your website contains links between pages, using menus, calls to action and page content that is “search engine optimized. You can visit sites like if you want learn more about SEO.”
  •  SEO FROM THE GROUND UP — At SmartsPro, we build all our insurance agency websites with the Genesis Word Press Framework. Aside from the fact that it’s flexible, very customizable and coded extremely well, the Genesis Framework is built with SEO as a priority. Genesis makes it very easy to search engine optimize each page of your website. Check out eCom babes to learn more about online marketing.
  •  UNIQUE OPTIMIZED CONTENT — We follow certain SEO company like guidelines for those pages that contain content unique to your agency. One of the most important ways to improve your search ranking is to use words and phrases (keywords) that people are likely to use when searching the Internet for the kinds of products and services you sell, as you can sell products online or even do investing in the VT markets united kingdom that are great for this. You may also want to consider stock investments like FCX, however is fcx a buy or a sell? Check out for more info!
  •  BUILDING YOUR AUTHORITY — One of the first things we recommend to our insurance agency website clients is to get listed with as many directories as you can, such as Google+, Facebook, and local directories like Yelp to build your authority. For more on this, read my post What To Do After Your New Website Goes Live?

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We love creating websites for insurance agents.

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