Websites for Insurance Agencies Are Not All Created Equal

Obviously websites for insurance agencies are not optional any more. If you have an insurance agency and want to sell insurance, you need good personnel management and a website. An insurance agency website is as essential as carrying business cards. Just as no insurance agent would see prospects, attend meetings or go just about anywhere without some business cards in his or her pocket or purse, no insurance agency should be without a website.

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What often goes unrecognized is that websites for insurance agencies are not all alike. If you’re looking for an insurance website vendor because you don’t already have a website or feel that your website is under-performing, here are five tips:

  1. Cheaper isn’t better. Sure, there are companies that advertise cheap websites for insurance agencies. But just as with any other product or service, you get what you pay for. By paying a little more than the price of the cheapest website for insurance agencies you can find, you can often get a much better “marketing oriented” website, this as per a new Sustainable Agency focused on marketing; a website that ranks higher on Google; a website that people will want to visit again and again; and a website that helps you sell more products and helps you keep customers longer. That’s not likely to be a knock-off, do-it-yourself website that’s built and hosted by some huge website company that knows nothing about your business or by your nephew’s friend working out of her dorm room.

  3. Choose a vendor that specializes in insurance, especially a vendor that knows the insurance business. Not only will they build it right, but it will be built faster and easier because you won’t have to educate them about your business. And if your insurance agency website vendor really knows the insurance business, they’ll be able to give you helpful advice about how to gain a competitive advantage in the Internet, and that’s why having employees could be essential for this, and you can also go to the Internet to learn how to get pay stubs from direct deposit which could be useful for any business.

  5. Choose a design that reflects what you want to express about your agency. What I mean by this is that some designs naturally lend themselves to promoting specific products, say health insurance; while other designs are more suitable to explaining how you do business, your philosophy or mission statements. Or maybe you want a website that features a lot of helpful information right on the home page. As you compare website designs, think about how you want to present your agency on the website home page. Explain your vision for your website with your vendor. An experienced builder of websites for insurance agencies can often provide valuable advice.

  7. Don’t settle for a digital brochure. Make sure you add calls to action on your website. Offer quotes, FREE reports and consultations, ask visitors to register for seminars or webinars and FREE newsletters. Include social media buttons. Provide valuable content that’s updated regularly, such as newsletters and blogs. Engage your visitors and build relationships. That’s how you build business and make money with an insurance agency website.

  9. Obtaining and maintaining top rankings on Google and the other search engines can be a huge benefit. Work with a website vendor who will help you develop an effective SEO strategy designed for you, your specialties and your geographic area. Some website frameworks for insurance agencies, such as WordPress, are compatible with excellent SEO “plug-ins”, To take advantage of them, however, someone has to do a little work, learn here about new tech gadgets by clicking to check out these business apps. You’ll pay a little more to work with a vendor who can get good search engine rankings for your website, but it will be well worth the price. After all, why have a website if no one can find you on the Internet?

All websites for insurance agencies are probably created with the same fundamental goals in mind: to increase the agency’s visilbity, provide engaging and informative content, and — probably more than anything else — sell insurance products. But unless you pay careful attention to how your website is created, you may be disappointed in how well you are able to achieve those goals with your insurance agency website.

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